Welcome to the Royal Arch in Staffordshire. I hope that our website will be of interest and will provide an insight into the Royal Arch for both Master Masons and Companions alike.

By the solemn Act of Union between the two Grand Lodges of Free-Masons of England in December 1813, it was 'declared and pronounced that pure Antient Masonry consists of three degrees and no more, that of the Entered Apprentice, the Fellow Craft, and the Master Mason, including the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch'.

The Royal Arch in the English Constitution therefore shares a unique partnership as well a special relationship with the Craft and is considered to be the 'completion' of a Brother's journey in 'pure, Antient Masonry'. For further details of how this unique partnership has developed in Staffordshire, I invite you to view my personal message.

I look forward in due course to welcoming you as a 'Companion' of our Order as you complete your journey.
For further details click on the link 'Joining the Royal Arch'.

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It is surely every mason's desire to complete their journey in
'Pure Ancient Masonry'.

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