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Why would I want to join the Royal Arch? Written: 23/10/2020
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There are so many reasons. Each reason would be sufficient on its own, but collectively they are totalling compelling.
Some say its the colourful ceremonies, truly unmatched in any other order.
It is of course the Completion of Ancient Freemasonry, the full story, the explanation of all of the unanswered craft ritual questions; it's friendly but exciting. Your membership of the Royal Arch is recommended and encouraged by the U.G.L.E.
You will not be overcommitting yourself. Royal Arch Chapters usually only meet 3 or 4 times each year for their ceremonies.
For the more adventurous, it is a degree that you must possess before you can even enter Knights Templar, Red Cross of Constantine and others.
The Royal Arch demonstrates the relationship we bear to our maker and not just to each other, thus expanding our masonic learning.
There are many other reasons, ask any Royal Arch Companion and he will probably give you some reasons of his own for joining.

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